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Wabi Sabi​ :

Imperfect by Design

​I love the concept of Wabi Sabi  - The  ancient Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi advises accepting imperfection and focuses on embracing life. ... Pared down to its essence, the philosophy celebrates elements that are weathered, worn or rusted. Wabi comes from the root "wa" which means harmony, peace, tranquility and balance. Sabi means "the bloom of time.

I try to embrace the wabi sabi philosphy into my life and my designs


Don't ever be afraid to mix old with new, classic with modern, rough with smooth and polished.

My passion is to design and make upcycled vintage and industrial items that look and feel great, but also fit into your home or business as an expression of who you are.

Almost everything I do is made to order and because I design and make everything myself I can easily accommodate any design requirements you might have.   Just contact me for an informal chat, no obligations, I love to talk about design and explore new concepts. 

I  make everything in my workshop in Barnsley and source all my materials as locally as possible.  If  you have some specific requirements for bespoke design or materials then I can source that too.  

Bring style and beauty into your life.   If you love something or have an idea,  I can make it work.  

Beautiful Art

Pallet Wood


£50 per sq m

vintage upcycle

Modern Design meets

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